Address to the nation by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Mr. K P Sharma Oli

21 December 2020

Respected sisters and brothers,

  1. None of us had any speculation that a situation of going to the people seeking their mandate a year and a half before the scheduled time would ever arise. The people’s verdict received through the elections of November/December 2017 was in favor of political stability. However, I was left without option but to go to the sovereign people after having been subjected to obstructions in national politics by dragging it endlessly in meaningless debate against the people’s mandate and aspiration; Parliament having been rendered unproductive; and popularly elected Government having been subjected to non-cooperation, opposition and siege. I, therefore, would like to submit to you that with a conclusion to present to the people, a decision was taken yesterday, 20 December 2020, to hold new elections in April/May 2021, after dissolving the House of Representatives.
  2. In surface, the events that developed yesterday though may appear unexpected and sudden, the situation was the result of inconsistent and absurd activities against people’s expectations that were in play for long in the national politics, particularly from some leaders of Communist Party of Nepal (CPN). It was announced on 3 October 2017 that the then CPN (UML) and the CPN (Maoist-Centre) would participate jointly as a leftist alliance in the elections and would then be unified as a single party immediately after that. This decision was clearly endorsed by the people as a whole through the general elections. However, after the elections, different untoward activities began to appear not to allow the progress in national politics as defined by the people’s will. I think the then activities of initially delaying in the formation of the Government and obstructing the national politics with endless bargaining and pressures against people’s will must be fresh in your memory.
  3. Clearing hurdles the Government was formed and commenced its work as per the people’s aspirations. What ensued were the perpetual messages and attempts for destabilization by some leaders. Just within a year after the formation of the Government, one of the leaders spread a message of instability while in abroad, and the other called for divers to save a ‘sinking country’ that too when the Prime Minister was outside the country. Whereas the Government was concentrated on the drafting of new laws for the implementation of the Constitution, rolling out of the federalism and the socio-economic transformation of the country. On the contrary, a number of colleagues were constantly eying on portfolios, honor and position. At the time of focusing all its efforts on policy, state affairs and public mobilization in order for shouldering the historic responsibility bestowed upon the NCP, a few leaders tried to hold the party hostage to their dissents, frustration and self-centered thoughts, thereby rendering the party ineffective.

Sisters and brothers,

  1. It was expected that the decision of work division between the two Chairmen, one to concentrate to run the Government and the other to run the party, would solve the problem. Accordingly, I fully dedicated myself to the Government. I need not say anything, within this period, how much progress has been achieved on the party’s front; how much unfinished tasks of party unification has been completed; to what extent the preparations for the General Conventions have been made; and how have been the larger party rank and file mobilized when people faced problems. Facts speak for themselves. The Government, on the other hand, was not allowed to function smoothly. Attempts to reshuffle the cabinet of ministers on the basis of qualifications and caliber–who would be able to steer the party manifesto and campaign of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’–were scuttled by creating divergence on the ground of favoritism. Important positions in the constitutional bodies began to remain vacant, which could not be fulfilled. Appointments to the bodies mandated by the Constitution to benefit backward social groups could not be made even in two and a half years. The Government has accomplished works of far-reaching importance, achievements have been made amid adversities, and epochal undertakings have been initiated. Despite this, some leaders continued endless castigation of the Government creating negative psychology, even going ahead of the opposition party. Various resolutions presented by the Government were forcefully stopped without providing an opportunity for the sovereign Parliament to deliberate on them. I do not think you are unaware, during the past few months how the Government was forced to work amidst adversities and victimized of encirclement.
  2. I took an initiative to establish a legitimate system of hand-over of leadership in both the state system and the party structure. I tried to establish a method that Prime Minister would be chosen by the parliament made on the basis of people’s fresh mandate and the party leadership by the General Convention. I presented a roadmap for the transfer of nation’s leadership to the active new generation which can fulfill the ‘mission’ of socio-economic transformation, with a dignified role of patron and inspirer to the first-generation leaders who took the mantle of the federal democratic republic. Based on this assumption, I even announced handing over of responsibility to a well-qualified leader after completion of five years of leadership of the Government and retirement from the party’s executive role after the General Convention. I proposed the plan to hand over the position of Chairman even by holding a special convention, if regular general convention cannot take place in view of the complex situation facing the country. But friends could not wait even for four months of the General Convention. Instead, a letter of accusation was lodged in a sheer undignified way to assassinate my political character. The party’s logo and office were misused in distributing the same across the country, declaring indirectly the split of the party. Preparations for no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister were concurrently moved forward. Prior to that, collection of signatures requesting for summoning the parliamentary session was initiated without the knowledge of the Chairman and the leader of the parliamentary party, an act that runs against the Constitution and seriously damages the party, the system and methods. Following this the situation within the party has reached to a grave and disastrous state.
  3. The day before yesterday, on 19 December 2020, I went to the residence of Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal with repeated requests to withdraw the divisive letter of allegations, create a comfortable and fair environment in the party and hand over the leadership by convening a special convention. I requested him time and again not to push the party towards a vote and not to derail from responsibilities against the party constitution and the spirit of unification through the committees formed by nominations for transitional purpose of party unification and main responsibility of holding General Convention. But these attempts were considered as my weakness. Obscuring as if nothing has happened and nothing serious would happen, preparations for no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister continued.

Sisters and brothers,

  1. Was there a reasonable cause for besieging the Government and conspiring against it? In the meantime, the Government has performed historic tasks for strengthening national interests. A new map has been published comprising Nepal’s actual territory. Accordingly, the Constitution has been amended through a unanimous decision. Preparations for talks with the friendly country of India are being made to resolve the issue. The Transit Transport Protocol has been signed with China. There has been a rise in Nepal’s international image, role and attention. While cooperation from everyone was needed to strengthen it, isn’t it clear that serious conspiracy is behind all the acts of not cooperating and failing the Government at this moment?

    Looking at these events, I recall the developments of four years ago. In return for facing courageously the blockade and ending it, and for ascertaining by expanding Nepal’s transit facilities that such an incidence would never happen, the incumbent Government had been overthrown deceitfully in the same manner. Circumstance and context was different but the actors were the same. Doesn’t it confirm that some of our leaders are involved in the plan to engulf Nepal in indefinite instability?

  1. It has already been stated above that despite many adversities, Nepal has made notable achievements in the past three years. Nepal has progressed on most of the development indicators. In some areas, there has been leapfrogging. Peace and security situation has been strengthened. Separatists activities have been resolved. Should the party not be pleased by such situation wherein positive steps have been taken towards development, good governance, prosperity and stability in the country? Should we all not be together to add pace to this?

    But action has been quite the opposite from some of the leaders. Instead of letting the government work for five years and following democratic path of getting the government’s performance tested by the people through election, politics was held hostage in the maze of power for ever, rule for ever and allotment of positions ever. In democracy, the ruling side functions as per people’s command while the opposition plays the role of check and balance. But in ours, an ironic situation was created, wherein some friends of the ruling side themselves became more aggressive and non-cooperative, and got involved in conspiring activities. We should be cognizant that in the unfolding of today’s situation, the activities of some of leaders are mainly responsible. Such way cannot be democratic by any measures.

Sisters and Brothers,

  1. Obstacles were continuously created in my efforts to steer ahead the party as united, establish norms and system for leadership transfer and orient the party, government and parliament towards people’s interest. Only after this, I was compelled to reach such decision. Dissolution of the House of Representatives and new election were not of my liking or choice. However, it would not have been appropriate to keep the country in a non-functioning condition. It would be against the mandate of the people to hold the parliament hostage of a few leaders’ self-interest. We should have to find a way out of the stalled situation in which work could not be done as per the will of the people. We had to end the situation in which its own leaders did not let the people-endorsed government of NCP and the House of Representative got victimized by squabble inside the party. Against this backdrop, I reached the conclusion for going to the sovereign people for a new mandate.
  2. I still urge all Comrades to participate in the election as united forgetting the bitterness of the past. I have expected that the declaration of the election will boost up party unity. This will provide opportunity to test the popularity and competence of those Comrades who said: – in making the party number one force, its unification and in achieving the massive popular support, K P Oli has no contribution and we are the deciders. To the leaders who are eagerly waiting to be the Prime Minister or are making efforts to that end, the fresh mandate of the people will provide an option. This will also give an opportunity to the opposition party to carry its agenda to the people.
  3. Election is the soul of democracy. This is also the best democratic exercise and process. If an elected government is not allowed to function, the sovereign people are the only place for appeal. I have adhered to the same path. The party fought under my leadership in the last election. I was unanimously elected as the Leader in the parliamentary party and in that capacity, was elected as the Prime Minister. When the consensus Leader of the party in majority was not allowed to function, I did not deem it appropriate to undermine people’s expectation by getting entangled with unprincipled and improper compromises inside a closed room. I considered it a democratic option to let the people decide. After all, I have always differed with the undemocratic tendency of entering into government through back door and making a mockery of people’s mandate.

Sisters and Brothers,

  1. The Constitution of Nepal provides that the sovereignty and state authority of Nepal are vested in Nepali people. The ultimate decision makers in the management of the state are the people. This sovereignty, state authority and decision of people are expressed through election. Election that articulates the will of the people further strengthens democracy and makes it matured. Our democratic system is new, but not weak. The country is not in a situation without people’s representatives. The National Assembly is active. The provincial governments, provincial assemblies and local governments are providing political leadership at their respective levels in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the country. Institutions, including the President and the Judiciary, and all of the civil and security organs of the State are determined to carry out their duties. A new House of Representatives will be formed in four and a half months. Our young generation, which is ready to lead the 21st century, is committed to democracy. This generation is the strongest guardian of democracy. In this circumstance, I call on all the youths to be active by uniting themselves in defense of democracy. Therefore, the propaganda or suspicion that the Constitution will be in jeopardy, the democratic republic will be in crisis and the country will be pushed towards instability is baseless. The decisive factor in guaranteeing political stability is the will of the people.

Therefore, I urge everyone to focus on the preparation for the general election without getting bogged down by anything.

Thank you.

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