Statement by the Right Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ and Leader of Nepali Delegation to the COP28 at the World Climate Action Summit, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, 01 December 2023


Statement by the Right Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ and Leader of Nepali Delegation to the COP28 at the World Climate Action Summit , Dubai, the United Arab Emirates
Leaders’ Event: Global Stock Take (GST) High-Level Event on Adaptation
December 1, 2023


Madame Chair,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

I thank the Presidency of the Conference for hosting the first-ever GST on Adaptation.

I feel privileged to address this inaugural GST and share Nepal’s perspective.

I am confident that this GST will reflect on our actions and devise strategies to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement.


Climate science underlines that if current greenhouse gas emissions do not rapidly decline in line with the 1.5° Celsius limit, the prospects for climate-resilient development will be severely limited, surpassing adaptation limits for critical ecosystems in climate-vulnerable countries like Nepal.

We are falling short in our efforts to restrict global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Our promises are not translated into actions; progress is not satisfactory.

We must be able to give a key message to our people.

We must act on what we pledged in previous CoPs with means of implementation for more impactful climate-resilient action.

Time is running out. We must act now.


Nepal strongly supports the UN Secretary-General’s proposal of holding a conference in 2025.

The Conference must ensure that countries’ NDCs are aligned with the Paris Agreement.

Moreover, the NDCs must abide by the principles of transparency, accountability, equity, and fairness.

We must learn lessons from actions and inactions and identify a clear pathway collectively for our people and the planet.

The GST on Adaptation must be aligned within the framework of the Paris Agreement with a top priority.

We must ensure enhanced mobilization of and simplified access to financial and technological resources for climate vulnerable LDCs.

Our response must be ambitious, equitable, and focused on the LDCs and most vulnerable countries.

We must drive action across all thematic areas of the CoP agenda based on the principles of CBDR and equity.

Dear Friends,

Nepal submitted a revised Second NDC in 2020 and prepared the National Adaptation Plans and Programme of Action along with the implementation strategy.

Nepal is committed to allocating 80% of climate change adaptation resources to the local community.

Nepal needs additional resources to make our ecosystem, institutions, and people resilient to climate change and ensure the implementation of locally led adaptation climate roadmap and programs.

Finally, I stand in solidarity with the younger generations, who are emerging as strong advocates for a sustainable planet.

Let us work together and walk together towards an emission-free world!

Thank You.