Statement by Hon. Mr. N.P. Saud, Minister for Foreign Affairs at the Ministerial Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement Coordinating Bureau (NAM-COB) Baku Azerbaijan

Statement by Hon. Mr. N.P. Saud, Minister for Foreign Affairs at the Ministerial Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement Coordinating Bureau (NAM-COB) Baku Azerbaijan, 5 July 2023


Theme: Non-Aligned Movement: United and Steadfast in Confronting Emerging Challenges



Mr. Chairman,
Honourable Ministers,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

 At the outset, I thank you, Mr. Chairman, for convening this Ministerial Meeting. I would also like to thank the Government of Azerbaijan for the excellent arrangement made for the meeting as well as generous hospitality accorded to us.

I bring the message of peace from the birthplace of Buddha and greetings and best wishes of the Government and people of Nepal for the success of this meeting.

Mr. Chairman,

Nepal welcomes the theme of the meeting which is timely and relevant at this juncture of the world history as we grapple with a multitude of existing and emerging challenges.

The world has become an interdependent global village. Yet, today we see a strong current of protectionism and narrow nationalism. At a time, when the global community should be united to confront the unprecedented challenges before us, what we see in the world today is discontent and division.

The pursuit of peace and prosperity remains unfulfilled in many parts of the world. The upsurge in violent conflicts and arms race has consumed the scarce resources and has led to economic hardship, inflation, poverty, food insecurity, and an energy crisis.

While we are yet to fully emerge from the shocks of COVID-19 pandemic in people’s lives and health, climate change continues to accelerate negative impacts, posing an existential threat to the people and planet.

Likewise, grave concerns remain over the potential misuse of artificial intelligence, online-platform, digital technologies, and virtual assets. On top of everything, faith in multilateralism is eroding, undermining the prospects of peace and sustainable development.

Besides, transnational organized crimes and the specter of terrorism looms large, threatening the peace and stability in many parts of the globe.

As we navigate through these complex issues, we need to act collectively to promote dialogue, understanding, and peaceful resolutions to conflicts. There is no alternative of working together.

Dear Friends,

Nepal firmly believes in the principles of Non-Aligned Movement and the power of unity in confronting these challenges. We need to foster international cooperation within NAM, deepen south-south cooperation, and strengthen multilateralism with the United Nations at its centre to resolve global problems.

As NAM members, we must strive to address the root causes of the world’s persistent problems such as poverty, conflict and violence. We must promote durable peace through dialogue and respect for diversity. We must accelerate our economic development to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

At the same time, we must strive for a just, inclusive and equitable world order. The global financial system and international trading regime must help the less resourceful countries to prosper.

As the champion of social justice and economic empowerment, NAM must champion for inclusive and sustainable global growth, in which the global south receives a fair share to eradicate poverty and give their people a decent life. We must ensure prosperity for all so that no one is left behind.

Distinguished Delegates,

In Nepal, we have been making all out efforts to eradicate poverty through sustained and inclusive economic development. As a graduating LDC, we are effortful to ensure smooth and irreversible graduation by 2026 despite formidable challenges.

Situated on the lap of the Himalayas, Nepal is highly vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change. The consequences of global warming, including glacial retreat, changing weather patterns, and increased natural disasters, directly affect our ecosystems, water resources, and livelihoods of our people. Recent report has shown that the glaciers are disappearing at an alarmingly faster rate compared to a decade earlier.

NAM must lead the way in advocating for climate justice, promoting sustainable development, and mobilizing support for climate adaptation and mitigation efforts, focusing the countries in special situations, including the LDCs. They require robust support measures to achieve SDGs by reversing the current economic downturn and confront the adverse impacts of climate change.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Nepal recognizes the UN as the cornerstone of multilateralism that fosters cooperation, resolves conflicts, and advances global governance. NAM should contribute decisively in the UN to build a multilateral system that is fit for purpose and capable of delivering results for the people globally underlining its values and principles.

We must strengthen our resolve to combat transnational organized crimes and the menace of terrorism.

Likewise, International Financial Institutions are crucial in providing resources to the developing countries to help them achieve the 2030 Agenda and their long-held development aspirations. NAM must champion for reforming these institutions to make them more inclusive, transparent, and effective.

Nepal places great importance on the time-tested principles of the Non-Aligned Movement. These principles constitute the bases of our foreign policy. We value the Movement’s achievements and emphasize the need to enhance its relevance through unity, strength, and influence in pursuit of a more peaceful, prosperous, and just world, as envisioned by our founding leaders six decades ago.

Let us harness the collective strength of NAM to address the urgent issues of our time and work towards a future where all nations can thrive in harmony. Finally, I extend my sincere best wishes to the Next Chair-Uganda for the new Presidency. Nepal is committed to play its role to make NAM a decisive force for the better and safer world.

Thank you!