Press Statement by the Official Spokesperson on the Report of EU’s Election Observation Mission

Press Statement

Serious attention of the Government of Nepal has been drawn towards the conclusions and recommendations of the ‘Final Report on the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly Elections’ released yesterday by the European Union’s Election Observation Mission (EUEOM) to Nepal.

Some of the recommendations and comments of the Report not only undermine the successful holding of smooth, peaceful and impartial elections but also go against the scope and norms of international election observation. This violates the Election Code of Conduct for International Observers of the Election Commission of Nepal as well as the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Government of Nepal and the European Union before the elections.

These recommendations and comments are a direct challenge to the provisions of the Constitution of Nepal which was promulgated, in line with the inclusive policy reflective of Nepali social structure, by the sovereign decision of Nepali people. It is unfortunate that the report has made unwarranted comments about political issues that have already been settled. The Government of Nepal calls upon all the concerned to refrain from making such uncalled-for comments.

The Government of Nepal strongly believes that historic elections of House of Representatives and the Provincial Assemblies, which saw high turnout of voters, were the reflection of Nepali people’s long cherished aspirations for democracy, progress and stability. The elections were a milestone in terms of the implementation of the Constitution as well as the conclusion of Nepal’s peace process.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
21 March 2018