Press Release on submission of the HLTF’s report


The Rt. Hon’ble Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba received the report of the High Level Foreign Policy Review Task Force in Kathmandu today. On behalf of all members of the Task Force, Professor Sridhar K. Khatri presented a copy of the report to the Prime Minister. While receiving the report, the Prime Minister sincerely thanked all members of the Task Force for submitting a comprehensive report. He also noted that the report contained various recommendations for consideration by the Government of Nepal with a view to improving conduct of Nepal’s foreign policy in the days to come. The Prime Minister then handed over the report to the Foreign Secretary.

The Council of Ministers had set up a-16 member High Level Task Force in April 2017 under the convenorship of the Minister for Foreign Affairs with mandates, including identifying determining factors of Nepal’s foreign policy in the changing context, reassessing different dimensions of foreign policy and diplomacy and its sectoral policies, including bilateral, sub-regional, regional and multilateral diplomacy, and recommending measures to strengthen coordination and collaboration between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other sectoral Ministries and Departments, among others.

The HLTF members included former Foreign Secretary, former Ambassadors, economists, foreign policy, peace, security and labor diplomacy experts. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided institutional support to the Task Force.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Government of Nepal
Singh Durbar, Kathmandu
8 February 2018