Press Release on the Hon. Foreign Minister’s video conference with heads of Nepali diplomatic mission

 Press Release

Hon’ble Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Pradeep Kumar Gyawali held a virtual meeting with heads of Nepali diplomatic missions based in select 13 capital cities abroad. The Hon. Minister, while informing the Ambassadors about the most recent initiatives taken within the country to address the ongoing crisis of the Covid 19 pandemic, received updates from the respective Ambassadors on the efforts made for the mobilization of international cooperation of vaccines, oxygen related items, medicines and other health related supplies.

The Hon. Minister instructed the Embassies to maximize efforts towards that direction and to explore further avenues of support at the bilateral and multilateral levels as well as through philanthropic organizations, private sector and Nepali diaspora. He also advised the heads of missions to continue giving high priority to the protection and well-being of Nepali nationals abroad.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Singh Durbar, Kathmandu
May 15, 2021