Press release on the establishment of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Togo

Press Release

Nepal and Togo established diplomatic relations today. With this, the number of countries with which Nepal has established diplomatic relations has reached 164.

Ambassador Amrit Bahadur Rai, Permanent Representative of Nepal to the United Nations, and Ambassador Kokou Kpayedo, Permanent Representative of Togo to the United Nations, signed a Joint Communiqué to this effect in a brief ceremony held at the Permanent Mission of Nepal to the United Nations, New York this afternoon.

On the occasion, the two Ambassadors shared their confidence that the diplomatic ties will help bring the two countries and peoples closer on the bilateral front, while continuing to work closely at multilateral forums. They also expressed views on the steps to further deepen and widen the scope of mutual cooperation in the future.

They also jointly informed His Excellency António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, about the establishment of Nepal-Togo diplomatic relations today.

A country in the West Africa, with its capital at Lome, Togo is bordered by Ghana to the west, Benin to the east, and Burkina Faso to the north.

Togo became member of the United Nations on 20 September 1960 following its independence from France in 1960.

Both Nepal and Togo are least developed countries and members of the Group of 77 as well as the Non-Aligned Movement.

22 March 2019