Press Release on The 14th Bali Democracy Forum

Press Release

Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Narayan Khadka addressed the 14th Bali Democracy Forum by video link today.

Speaking at the Forum which this year was themed as “Democracy for Humanity: Advancing Economic and Social Justice During the Pandemic”, Hon. Dr. Khadka called for enhanced international co-operation in effectively tackling the global challenges of growing socio-economic inequality, climate change and Covid-19-like epidemics.

The Foreign Minister said that investing in people’s education and health, unleashing the creative and entrepreneurial energies of the youth, and keeping the workforce ready to adapt to technological changes were key elements in reducing inequality across and within countries.

Reducing inequalities requires placing international cooperation and multilateralism at the front and center of inter-state relations, and prioritizing work over wealth, planet over profits and people over power, Dr. Khadka said.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs
9 December 2021