Press Release on Hon’ble Foreign Minister’s address at the NAM Ministerial Meeting

Press Release

Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon. Mr. Narayan Prakash Saud addressed the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Ministerial Meeting of the NAM Coordinating Bureau held in Baku, Azerbaijan today under the theme “NAM: United and steadfast in confronting emerging challenges”.

In his address, the Foreign Minister underscored the importance of the time-tested principles of the Non-Aligned Movement and urged global leaders to a collective effort in promoting dialogue, understanding, and peaceful resolutions to conflicts.

He shed light on the current global challenges and said that durable peace must be promoted through dialogue and respect for diversity. He stressed the need to foster international cooperation within NAM, deepen south-south cooperation and strengthen multilateralism with the United Nations at the center to resolve global problems. He said, “Nepal firmly believes in the principles of NAM and the power of unity in confronting these challenges.”

He highlighted the need to accelerate economic development to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and strive for a just, inclusive, and equitable world order. He emphasized ensuring prosperity for all so that no one is left behind. He further added that NAM must champion reforming international financial institutions to make them more inclusive, transparent, and effective.

While highlighting Nepal’s aspiration of graduating from the least-developed country by 2026, the Foreign Minister also underlined the adverse impacts of climate change in Nepal and stressed the need for collective advocacy of NAM for climate justice, promoting sustainable development, and mobilizing support for climate adaptation and mitigation efforts.

On the sidelines of the event, the Foreign Minister had bilateral meetings with H.E. Dr. Zambry Abd Kadir, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia, H.E. Mr. Yuvan Gil-Pinto, Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs of Venezuala, H.E. Mr. Mesganu Arga Moach, State Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia and H.E. Mr. Do Hung Viet, Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam today. He also attended the Gala dinner hosted by the H.E. Mr. Jeyhun Bayramov, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Chair of the NAM Ministerial Meeting.

The Foreign Minister is scheduled to meet H.E. Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and H.E. Mr. Jeyhun Bayramov, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan tomorrow.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Government of Nepal

5 July 2023