Press Release Issued by the Embassy of Nepal, Tel Aviv on the Visit of The Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Kamal Thapa


Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Kamal Thapa expressed his remarks on Political Development in Nepal, Nepal’s Foreign Policy and  Nepal-Israel Relations at a talk programme organized by the Israel Council on Foreign Relations in Jerusalem this morning.

Speaking on the occasion, the Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs said that Nepal and Israel enjoy a long history of cordial relationship with each other which has been growing further ever since the establishment of diplomatic relations on 1 June 1960, a time when Nepal had just put her feet on the path of expanding diplomatic ties with members of the global community. He further said that Nepal was the first South Asian country to recognize the existence of Israel by maintaining continued diplomatic relations. He appreciated the people of Israel for their innovativeness, creativity and entrepreneurship.  Hon. Thapa further stated that Nepal has always welcomed all efforts aimed at securing a comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

The Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nepal  also appreciated the valuable cooperation extended by Israel to Nepal over the years especially in the areas of agriculture, education, training and research. He also praised the generous and spontaneous support of the people and government of Israel to Nepal in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes that struck Nepal on 25 April 2015 and further said that the sympathies and kindness shown are still fresh in the heart of Nepalese people.

Hon. Thapa shed light on the Constitution promulgated on September 20, 2015 with the vote of overwhelming majority of the Constituent Assembly members after years of rigorous efforts. He further said that the Constitution-making process was broad-based, transparent and consultative. In terms of the content, the Constitution is comprehensive, inclusive, and substantive; in terms of orientation, it is forward-looking, progressive and dynamic, Hon. Thapa said.

 The program was attended by Knesset members, intellectuals, academics, friends of Nepal in Israel, members of diplomatic community and other renowned personalities of different fields.

In the afternoon, addressing the economic round table organized by the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, Hon. Thapa said that there is an overwhelming consensus in Nepal that economic agenda should now be on top and foreign investment is vital.  He further said that Nepal is a liberal economy where Government plays a role of facilitator, and investors are key actors, innovators, entrepreneurs as well as leaders. He also highlighted what Nepal possesses to be an attractive destination for investment and business including the incentives offered by the Government of Nepal.

He further added that doors are open for investment in almost every sector which includes manufacturing, hydro power, tourism, services, IT, mining and agro based industries. Israeli businessmen and investors present in the program said that they were ready to collaborate with Nepalese businessmen to invest in Nepal and some shared their experiences of doing business with Nepal.

Earlier this morning, he had a meeting with Her Excellency Ms. Tzipi Livni, Member of Knesset and a former Foreign Minister of Israel and current Chair of Israel-Nepal Parliamentary Friendship Group.  Congratulating on the promulgation of the Constitution of Nepal in 2015, HE Ms. Livni inquired about the various features of the Constitution. While replying, Hon. Thapa highlighted the democratic and inclusive characteristics of the Constitution.  During the meeting they expressed satisfaction over the existing relations between Nepal and Israel and also stressed the need to have exchange of cooperation between the parliament and parliamentarians of the two countries.

Foreign Secretary of Nepal, Ambassador of Nepal to Israel, Ambassador of Israel to Nepal and senior officials of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of both the countries were also present on the talk program, business roundtable and the aforementioned meeting.

Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Kamal Thapa,  Foreign Secretary Mr. Shanker Das Bairagi and other members of  the Nepalese delegation left Israel for Turkey this afternoon to participate in the High-Level Midterm Review of the Istanbul Program of Action to be held in Antalya, Turkey between 27 and 29 May 2016.


The Embassy of Nepal

Tel Aviv, Israel

26 May 2016