Press Release issued by Embassy of Nepal, Geneva regarding celebration of National Day

Press Release

H.E. Mr. Deepak Dhital, Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Nepal hosted a reception at Hotel Inter Continental in Geneva on 21 September 2017 to celebrate the second anniversary of the promulgation of the Constitution of Nepal and the national day. Among the over 100 guests attending the reception were Ambassadors/Permanent Representatives of various Missions, heads and senior officials from the United Nations and other International Organizations based in Geneva as well as members of the expatriate Nepali community.

Extending welcome to all invited guests on the occasion, H.E. Mr. Deepak Dhital highlighted important features of the Constitution as well as efforts of the Government of Nepal directed towards its methodical implementation. He said that Nepal’s Constitution is fully democratic and human rights oriented and embraces such characteristics as competitive democratic governance system; independent, impartial and competitive judiciary; the concept of rule of law; civil liberty; human rights; periodic elections; and complete press freedom, and aimed to end all kinds of discrimination and create an egalitarian society based on proportional inclusion and participation, thus ensuring equitable opportunity and justice for all segments of the population. Nepal’s desire to serve the Human Rights Council stems from the fundamental principles laid out in the Constitution, he added. The Ambassador also touched upon Nepal’s great diversity, unparalleled natural beauty and the development potentials, and expressed the confidence that with systematic and effective implementation of the Constitution Nepal would embark on a development process that would ensure robust economic growth, sustainability, equitability and justice in the country.

Embassy/ Permanent Mission of Nepal
22 September 2017