Press Release on Foreign Secretary’s statement at the ACD Ministerial Meeting

Press Release

Foreign Secretary Mr. Shanker Das Bairagi addressed the 15th Ministerial Meeting of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue in Abu Dhabi this afternoon. Mr. Bairagi is leading the Nepali delegation to the meeting.

Foreign Secretary underscored the importance of enhanced cooperation at bilateral, subregional and regional levels to ensure sustainable, affordable, reliable and modern energy to all as promised in the SDGs.

He called for investment in Nepal’s hydropower which, if harnessed properly, could help meet not only domestic needs for clean and renewable energy but also could provide a reliable source of renewable energy source for the region.

He also invited ACD Member States to participate in the Investment Summit to be held in Nepal on March 2 and 3 and requested them to encourage their investors to participate in it.

The meeting under the chairmanship of the Foreign Minister of UAE will adopt the Abu Dhabi Declaration and ACD Energy Action Plan.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
17 January 2017