Press Release

 Press Release

Prime Minister Right Hon. Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba stressed the need to drive the SAARC process with a forward-looking perspective and revitalize it including through an early convening of the Nineteenth Summit.

Extending greetings and best wishes to peoples and governments of the Member States on the occasion of the 37th SAARC Charter Day, the Prime Minister stated that the Charter was a blueprint of regional cooperation and partnership and that some notable progress was made towards promoting the welfare of the peoples in South Asia.

However, our endeavors to promote regional harmony, end poverty and inequality, and build just and inclusive societies are yet to gather requisite strength, he said.

The Prime Minister referred to the challenges and vulnerabilities posed by the COVID-19   pandemic and underlined the need to reembrace regional understanding and solidarity, with a focus on resilient recovery and building back better.

He reiterated Nepal’s commitment to play a constructive role to enable the Organization to deliver wider benefits for the peoples of the region and urged the Member States to promote more effective and result-oriented SAARC grounded in cooperation, trust and understanding.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Singha Durbar, Kathmandu
8 December 2021