Press Release 21 December 2015 (In English)

Honourable Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr Kamal Thapa in his capacity as the coordinator of the Government Talk Team met the leaders of Madhes-based agitating parties in his Office today and handed over the copy of the decision of the Council of Ministers of Paush 05, 2072 (December 20, 2015) taken with regard to the demands of Madhes-based agitating parties.

The content of the decision reads as follows:

“It is known to all that the Government is fully committed to resolve and address the demands of agitating Madhes-based parties through dialogue on the basis of political consensus.

In this context:

  1. The process for the adoption of the constitution amendment bill tabled in the parliament will be advanced in order to ensure the participation in the state organs on the basis of proportionate inclusiveness and for the delineation of electoral constituencies on the basis of population while ensuring at least one constituency in each district existing at the time of the commencement of this constitution.
  2. With regard to the demarcation of provinces, in view of the demands of the agitating parties, appropriate arrangement will be made in the constitution on the basis of political consensus. In order to forge such political consensus, a political mechanism will be constituted, which will submit its report along with recommendations within three months.
  3. With regard to other demands, including the citizenship, solutions can be found through negotiations and consensus.

As the Government has already made a clear commitment to address the demands of agitating parties, the government, while respecting the rights to express demands and concerns through peaceful and lawful means, urges all concerned parties to immediately withdraw all programmes of agitation.” 


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Singha Durbar, Kathmandu

21 December 2015