Hon. Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nepal, Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat, addressed the Trade, Tourism and Investment Promotion Programme, held in Singapore

Press Release

Hon. Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nepal, Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat, addressed the Trade, Tourism and Investment Promotion Programme, held in Singapore on 4 May 2017. Delivering his Keynote Address as the Chief Guest of the Programme, the Hon. Minister talked about Nepal’s present situation, Nepal’s Government’s heightened focus on economic development, and trade, tourism and investment opportunities in Nepal. He invited the entrepreneurs and business community in Singapore to promote their businesses and investment in Nepal, and invited the friendly people of Singapore to visit Nepal and enjoy the serene and pristine beauty there.

Hon. Dr. Mahat stated that Nepal, with the conclusion of peace process, has now focused on political stability and economic development. He mentioned that Nepal has announced local elections, and that with local, states and general elections, Nepal would effectively begin the implementation of the constitution, which would guarantee political stability leading to economic development. He mentioned that earlier rival political parties have now joined hands in forming government, and that all major party leaders had unequivocally committed themselves to encouraging foreign investment. He highlighted major areas opened for foreign investment in Nepal, and encouraged Singaporean business community to benefit from greater opportunities available there. He added that Nepal had to learn from Singapore’s experience in economic and commercial fronts. He also informed the gathering about the Investment Summit recently held in Nepal, during which the participants pledged to invest 13.74 billion USD in Nepal. This, the Hon. Foreign Minister concluded, was an example of the interest of the international business community in making investment in Nepal and benefit from the unique opportunities there.

The presence and active participation of the Hon. Minister for Foreign Affairs greatly added to the value of the programme, and convinced the business community of the seriousness of the Government of Nepal in promoting foreign investment in Nepal.

E. Dr. Khaga Nath Adhikari, Ambassador of Nepal for Singapore, welcomed the participants. He made a detailed presentation on investment opportunities in Nepal, with special focus on the sector-wise projects opened for investment, including agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, energy, Special Economic Zones, Transport, ICT, etc. He mentioned that the Government of Nepal had made effective arrangements for the security of foreign investment and maximum rate of return, and invited the business community of Singapore to invest in Nepal.

Mr. M. M. Patel, Hon. Consul in Nepal in Singapore, in his welcome address, highlighted the importance of the Programme and spoke about the business opportunities available in Nepal.

A number of experts and professionals made their presentations. Dr. Omkar Shrestha of National University of Singapore made a presentation on Nepal’s hydropower sector, which he said was like the golden goose laying golden eggs. Dr. Pradhyumna Bikram Rana of National Technological University of Singapore made a presentation on connectivity among Nepal, China and India, and between South Asia and East Asia. Mr. Cassel R. Meyer, who has been trekking in Nepal for the last 43 years, Mr. Ganga Budhathoki, a collector of beautiful pictures from Nepal,  Mr. Bimal Kandel from Nepal Tourism Board, and others also made their presentations.

A large numbers of participants, including businessmen, professionals, friends and well-wishers of Nepal, senior officials from Nepal’s Foreign Ministry and the Embassy of Neal in Bangkok, and Nepalese diaspora attended the programme.

The Programme was jointly organised by the Embassy of Nepal, Bangkok and the Hon. Consulate of Nepal in Singapore.

The Programme is believed to have contributed to giving better publicity of Nepal in Singapore, and to further promote investment and tourism in Nepal.


Embassy of Nepal


4 May 2017