Press Release on the visit of Rt. Hon. President to Geneva to attend the World of Work Summit

Press Release


The Rt. Honorable President, Mrs. Bidya Devi Bhandari, is leaving for Geneva tomorrow to attend the World of Work Summit to be held as a part of 106th Session of International Labour Conference.

The Rt. Honorable President will address the Summit on the 15th of June. The theme of the Summit this year has been chosen as ‘Women at Work’.  The Rt. Honourable President will underline the progress made by Nepal in the front of women’s participation and representation in politics as well as in the world of work and highlight the efforts made to address the challenges in that trajectory.

The Rt. Honuorable President will join two other Heads of State from Malta and Mauritius exclusively invited by the ILO for this year’s Summit. This will be the first time that Head of the State of Nepal has been invited by the ILO to address the summit. Nepal became member of the ILO in 1966.

Director General of ILO Mr. Guy Ryder will call on the Rt. Hon. President on the 15th of June. Mr. Ryder will host luncheon in honour of the visiting Presidents on the same day.

H.E. Mr. Dipak Dhital, Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Nepal to the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva will host a reception in honour of the Rt. Honourable President.

The Rt. Honourable President will be accompanied by Foreign Secretary Mr. Shanker Das Bairagi, Private Secretary to the President, Dr. Bimala Poudyal Rai and other senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Rt. Honourable President will return to Kathmandu on the 18th of June 2017.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Singh Durbar


12 June, 2017