Nepal–Zambia Relations

Republic of Zambia is a landlocked African country located in Southern Africa, east of Angola and south of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is bordered by 8 countries, namely Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. It Comprises area of 752,614sq. km.

The country has a population of 16.59 million (2016) people and its GDP per capita (Current) is about US$ 1,313.9 (2015, WB).

Zambia is presidential republic. H.E. Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu is the President of Zambia since 25 January 2015. And, H.E. Mr. Joseph Malanji is the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Nepal and Zambia established diplomatic relations on 10 September1986. Embassy of Nepal in Pretoria, South Africa, is concurrently accredited to Zambia while Embassy of Zambia in New Delhi is concurrently accredited to Nepal.

King Mahendra visited Zambia to attend the Third NAM Summit on 8-10 September 1970.

Zambian Army Commander Lieutenant General Paul Mihova visited Nepal from 3 to 9 January 2018 at the invitation of the Chief of Army Staff of Nepal.

Both Nepal and Zambia are members of the UN, NAM, G-77 and WTO. Both the countries are least developed (LDC) and landlocked (LLDC) and they share similar views on many agenda of global development cooperation and partnership.

Zambia is also an active member of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) which is a regional economic group of 15 countries for promoting regional cooperation towards a common future.

Both the countries have been contributing to UN peacekeeping operations. As of November 2017, Nepal has contributed 5353 troops and Zambia has contributed 1128 troops to various UN peacekeeping missions.

However, there is negligible share in bilateral trade between Nepal and Zambia. The data shows:

Year Export (NRs) Import (NRs)
2014 12,465 50,191
2015 189,952 10,000
2016 59,918 NA

CAWAA Division,

MOFA, Kathmandu

9 February 2018