Nepal – Ukraine Relations

Political Relations
Diplomatic relations between Nepal and Ukraine were established on 15 January 1993. The relations between the two countries have remained friendly and cooperative ever since. The Nepalese Embassy in Berlin is concurrently accredited to Ukraine. Likewise, Ukrainian Embassy in New Delhi is accredited to Nepal. A Ukrainian honorary consul is functioning in Kathmandu. Official visits are yet to take place between Nepal and Ukraine.


A Ukrainian business delegation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Odessa, Ukraine visited Kathmandu in 2000 in connection with signing an MoU with the Federation of Nepali Chambers of Commerce and Industries with a view to boost trade relations between Nepal and Ukraine.


Trade and investment
The trade transactions of Nepal with Ukraine are still at the stage of growth in comparison with other European Countries.

Major Export items:

·         special yarns
·         Coffee, tea mate and spices
·         Articles of apparel and clothing accessories

Major Import items:

·         Animal or vegetable fats and oils
·         Edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers
·         Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits
·         Wood and articles of wood: wood charcoal
·         Electrical machinery and equipment


The following figures show the balance of trade of Nepal with Ukraine of the past few years:


Year Export Import Balance
2015 41503 31543754 -31502251
2016 100203 52064769 -51964566
2017 77883 60720386 -60642503
2018 178022 68813591 -68635569
2019 82337 39354227 -39271890

(Source: TEPC, Amount in US $)


Investment till July 2020 from the beginning is as follows:

No. of projects Total project cost Total fixed cost Total working capital Total amount of foreign investment No. of Employment
13 251.4 219.14 32.27 162.7 377

(Amount in NRs million)


Although the number of tourists visiting Nepal is minimal, there is a possibility of increasing the current number of visitors through promotional activities. There are some Nepalis working and living in Ukraine contributing to the promotion of people to people contacts.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Europe and the Americas Division
August 2020