Nepal – Suriname Relations

Nepal and Suriname established diplomatic relations on 11 October 2018. Bilateral relations have remained cordial and friendly since. The two countries have exchanged cooperation in multilateral forums on various matters of common interest. The two countries have been working closely at the United Nations and other intergovernmental processes, including the Non-aligned Movement and the Group of 77.


Trade and Investment:
The volume of trade between Nepal and Suriname is negligible at the moment. Some of the commodities imported by Nepal from Suriname are wood articles and tea and coffee. Nepal has exported textile items. Trade volume for the last few years is shown in the table below:

In NRs.

Year Export Import Balance
2015 0 2,494 -2,494
2016 0 18,243,481 -18,243,481
2017 0 12,286,182 -12,286,182
2018 469,600 6,644,536 -6,174,936
2019 0 931,264 -931,264

(Source: TEPC)


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