Nepal – Romania Relations  

Bilateral Relations
Diplomatic relations between Nepal and Romania were established on 20 April 1968. The Embassy of Nepal in Berlin, Germany is currently accredited to Romania whereas Embassy of Romania in New Delhi, India is accredited to Nepal. Both countries have appointed Honorary Consuls in each other’s capitals. Relations between Nepal and Romania are based on friendship, mutual respect and understanding.

Contacts between the two countries primarily take place in the international forums such as the United Nations. At the bilateral level, interactions happen during courtesy meetings held with the Government heads during the credential ceremonies of the Ambassadors.


Exchange of visits and meetings
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, a Romanian delegation led by State Secretary for Global Affairs Ms. Daniela Gîtman visited Nepal in October 2018. The delegation called on the Hon. Minister and held meeting with the Foreign Secretary.


As a member of the EU, Romania contributes to the support and development cooperation to Nepal primarily through the EU. Exchanges between universities of the two countries are underway in the field of education.


Trade and Investment
Romania has been a trade partner of Nepal, with balance of trade continuously remaining in favour of Romania. Major export items are clothing accessories, articles of leather etc. and major import items are food, chemicals, machinery and equipment, etc. The trade volume between the two countries for the last eleven years is given below:

Year Export Import Balance
2015 90059 969499 -879440
2016 113883 577987 -464104
2017 125816 977417 -851601
2018 162815 1019539 -856724
2019 72591 1175519 -1102928

According to the data of the Department of Industry, till July 2020 from the beginning there are two projects with a total foreign investment of Rs. 35 million, which have generated 39 employment opportunities.


Tourism and people to people contacts
People-to-people level relations among the two countries are evident from presence of increasing Nepali community in Romania and number of Romanian tourists visiting Nepal every year. At present, the number of travelers is only in few hundred each year. Since both the countries are mountainous, there is high potential for Romanian tourists visiting Nepal for mountaineering. Better air connectivity and promotion of Nepal in European cities would increase the visitors.


Europe and the Americas Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
August 2020