Nepal – Poland Relations

Bilateral Relations
Diplomatic relations between Nepal and Poland were established on 25 November 1959. The Office of the Polish Trade Representative was opened in Kathmandu in 1966, which was closed after the establishment of the residential Polish Embassy in Kathmandu in 1974. Later, it was shut down. Currently the Polish Ambassador stationed in New Delhi is accredited to Nepal and Nepali Embassy in Germany is concurrently accredited to Poland. Relations between Nepal and Poland are based on friendship, cordiality and mutual respect.


Exchange of Visits 

  • Deputy Prime Minister and Minster for Defense Mr. Ishwar Pokharel visited Poland in September 3-6, 2018 to participate in 26th International Defense Industry Exhibition 2018.
  • Defense Minister Mr. Bhimsendas Pradhan visited Poland in 2017.
  • The then Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Chakra Prasad Bastola led a delegation to Warsaw in June 2000 to participate in a conference on “Towards a Community of Democracies”.
  • In 1969, the then Foreign Minister Mr. G.B. Rajbhandari visited Poland.
  • Deputy Minister of Economy of Poland H.E. Wojeich Jan Katner visited Nepal in April 1999.


Bilateral Cooperation
In 1966, a Trade and Payments Agreement had been signed between Nepal and Poland. Areas of economic cooperation between Nepal and Poland remain to be explored in view of Poland’s accession to European Union. Few Nepali students have studied in Poland under the Polish scholarship programme. Poland is a major country in Central Europe in terms of size and population, and its role in Europe for its political and economic transformation. Business communities of both sides could explore possibilities for commercial interactions in the days ahead.

Poland extended immediate search and rescue operation team in the aftermath of the earthquakes in 2015. The emergency humanitarian assistance included medics, food, medicines, cleaning agents, water purification agents, tents, and blankets.

Eleven Polish-invested projects are in operation until July 2020 in Nepal, which made in investment of Rs. 235 million and generated jobs for 277 people.


The balance of trade between Nepal and Poland has not been favorable to Nepal for the past few years. The major goods exported to Poland from Nepal are apparels, clothing accessories, handicrafts and works of art. Likewise, goods imported from Poland to Nepal include machinery, dairy products and beverages. The following trade figures for last eleven years reflect Nepal’s exports to and imports from Poland:

(Amount in US$)

Year Export Import Total Trade Trade Balance
2015 180055 2617641 2797696 -2437586
2016 136984 2687201 2824185 -2550217
2017 224593 4154667 4379260 -3930074
2018 290001 5227997 5517998 -4937996
2019 161987 15412727 15574714 -15250740

(Source TEPC)


Nepal has remained a favored place of destination for Polish travelers, even though the number at present remains low. Potentials for promoting Nepal’s tourism market in Poland are high. Various Polish mountaineering teams have traveled to Nepal to climb Himalayan peaks.


Europe and the Americas Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
August 2020