Nepal – Peru Relations

Nepal and the Republic of Peru established diplomatic relations on 28 January 1976. The Embassy of Nepal in Brasilia, Brazil is currently accredited to Peru, and, likewise, the Peruvian Embassy in India is accredited to Nepal. Peru has established an Honorary Consulate in Kathmandu.

Nepal’s relations with Peru are marked by friendship and cordiality. Contacts between the two countries primarily take place in the international fora. Both the countries believe that the UN should be strengthened and play an increasingly active role in maintaining peace and stability in the world. As active members of the NAM and G-77, both countries have been advocating the just causes of the developing countries, while sharing common concerns of being climate change vulnerable and mountainous countries.


Trade and Investment
The size of interactions on trade, investment and tourism between Nepal and Peru remains nominal at the moment. Some of the commodities imported by Nepal from Peru are chemicals, pharmaceutical products, fabrics etc. Nepal exports carpet and other textile floor covering, clothing to Peru. Trade volume between the two countries for the last few years is shown in the table below:


Year Export Import Balance
2015 6687 381966 -375279
2016 4121 1125639 -1121518
2017 12518 358829 -346311
2018 30843 358946 -328103
2019 66696 79734 -13038

(Source: TEPC)


August 2020