Nepal – Malta Relations

Diplomatic Relations
The diplomatic relations between Nepal and Malta was established on 25 September 1983. The Nepali Embassy to London is concurrently accredited to Malta and the Embassy of Malta in New Delhi is accredited to Nepal. Malta maintains an Honorary Consulate in Kathmandu. The relations between the two countries have been marked by cordiality and friendship.

There have been no bilateral visits taken place as yet. Contacts between the two countries primarily take place in the international forums such as in the United Nations, where the two countries have exchanged cooperation in a number of areas of common interests, including climate change.


There is no bilateral economic cooperation between Nepal and Malta. Since Malta’s joining of the EU in 2004, it has been contributing to Nepal’s development through EU mechanisms. At the moment, bilateral trade is also virtually non-existent, as shown in the table below:

In NRs.

Year Exports Imports Balance
2016 226,650 30,527,756 -30,301,106
2017 954,570 21,332,163 -20,377,593
2018 228,379 76,045,377 -75,816,998
2019 0 18,422,353 -18,422,353

(Source: TEPC, Nepal)


Tourism and people to people contacts
A few Maltese tourists visit Nepal every year. They are mainly attracted to Nepal’s beautiful landscapes and in mountaineering.

Malta has become a preferred destination for Nepali youths to study and work there, specially in hospitality industry. They have been important link to strengthen the people to people contacts.


Europe and the Americas Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
August 2020