Nepal Luxembourg Relations

Diplomatic Relations

The diplomatic relations between Nepal and Luxembourg were established on November 27, 1975. Since then the relations between the two countries have been cordial and friendly. Nepalese Ambassador to Belgium is concurrently accredited to Luxembourg.

High-level Contacts

Exchange of visits at high levels from time to time has contributed to strengthening relations between Nepal and Luxembourg.

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Maria TERESA of Luxembourg paid a private visit to Nepal from April 16 to 19, 1998.

HRH prince Guillaume, the eldest son of HRH Crown Prince Henri of Luxembourg, paid a private visit to Nepal from 6 to 28 August 1997. HRH Prince Guillaume was accompanied by 100 scouts of Luxembourg during the visit. Minister for Education of Luxembourg visited Nepal in March 1993.

Prime Minister of Nepal Right Honorable Sushil KOIRALA visited Luxembourg on 30 September 2014. During his visit he had meeting with Prime Minister of Luxembourg His Excellency Xavier BETTEL. It was a historical visit in the sense it was the first ever visit by a Nepalese head of government to Luxembourg.

Development Cooperation

Nepal has been receiving development cooperation from Luxembourg in the fields of education, environment and health sectors through non-government organizations. Luxembourg provides its development cooperation to Nepal through multilateral channels such as the UN and the EU. There are also few NGOs which receive Luxembourgish funding for development activities in various areas.

One of the visible symbols of Nepal-Luxembourg partnership in development cooperation is the establishment and operation of the Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled in the city of Banepa near Kathmandu. Another area of partnership is between the Scouts of the two countries. There exists quite a long and significant cooperation and exchanges between the two scouts.


The volume of bilateral trade between Nepal and Luxembourg is quite small. Nepalese export to Luxemburg has dominated by the traditional items like carpet, handicraft items (window frames), preparations containing tobacco, etc. whereas electrical machines and apparatus; moulds of injection or compression type; articles of steel or iron wire; etc are imported from Luxembourg. The statistics of trade between Nepal and Luxemburg for the last few years is given below:

Value in NRS

Year Export Import Balance
2012 3,555,696 15,644,692 -12088996
2013 7,573,134 94,302,487 -86729353
2014 14,105,134 43,736,066 -29630932
2015 5,156,422 14,272,587 -9116165
2016 3,887,906 7,327,103 -3439197