Nepal – Liechtenstein Relations

Nepal established its diplomatic relations with Liechtenstein on 24 November 2017. The Embassy of Nepal in Geneva, Switzerland is concurrently accredited to Liechtenstein. Bilateral relations between the two countries have always been cordial since the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Nepal and Liechtenstein share similar views on many international issues. Nepal upholds the primacy of multilateralism and multilateral decision-making process like Liechtenstein. There have been contacts and cooperation between the two countries in the United Nations, international organizations, international conference and meetings.

At present, investment, development cooperation and other sectors of economic relations are almost non-existent. However, there are prospects to explore possible areas of cooperation at bilateral and multilateral levels, including climate change and as well as tourism cooperation.

The trade relations between the two countries in past few years is as follows:

Value in US $

Year Export Import Balance
2015 3,744 8,845 -5,101
2016 1,050 987 63
2017 0 4,349 -4,349
2018 0 3,939 -3,939
2019 2,715 16,085 -13,370

Source: TEPC, Nepal

Nepal exports articles of apparel and clothing accessories in small quantity and imports electrical machinery and equipment, chemical products and medical instruments from Liechtenstein.


Europe and the Americas Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nepal
August 2020