Nepal – Jamaica Relations

Nepal established diplomatic relations with Jamaica on 1 October  2015. The relations between the two countries have been marked by cordiality, goodwill and friendship. Embassy of Nepal in Canada is concurrently accredited to the Jamaica. Likewise, the Embassy of Jamaica to India is accredited to Nepal.

Nepal and Jamaica have engaged in various multilateral forums to contribute towards the goals of global peace and development. They promote, in particular, the interests of smaller developing countries. Both Nepal and Jamaica are members of the Non-Aligned Movement and the Group of 77.

Notwithstanding the geographical distance, Nepal and Jamaica share common values of democracy, universal values of human rights and the primacy of multilateralism in international relations. These shared values bind our two peoples and countries together.

In connection with the inauguration of the Visit Nepal Year, Tourism Minister of Jamaica Hon. Edmund Bartlett visited Nepal in January 2020.


Trade and Investment
The volume of trade between Nepal and Jamaica is nominal at the moment. Nepal imports mainly instruments, appliances used in dental science and exports  cotton bags to Jamaica. Trade volume for the last few years is shown in the table below:


Year Export Import Balance
2015 100899 220 10679
2016 0 630 -630
2017 0 0 0
2018 0 4788 -4788
2019 0 0 0

(Source: TEPC)


August 2020