Nepal- Italy Relations

Diplomatic Relations:
Ever since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Italy on 31 August 1959, the relation is based on friendliness, mutual interest and cordiality. Nepali Ambassador to Switzerland is concurrently accredited to Italy. Likewise, Italian Ambassador resident in New Delhi is accredited to Nepal. Nepal and Italy both maintain honorary consulates in Rome and Kathmandu respectively. Nepal had operated its residential Embassy in Rome from 1961 to 1967. Italy also had its residential Embassy in Kathmandu from 1971 to 1997.

Nepal and Italy share common views on various issues and have worked together in multilateral forums.


Exchange of visits:
There is a need for exchange of high-level visits for the promotion of bilateral ties between Nepal and Italy. There has not been any exchange of high-level visits since 2014.

Italian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr. Benedetto Della Vedova visited Nepal in October 2014.


Development Cooperation:
Italy has been extending development cooperation to Nepal directly or indirectly, particularly after the advent of democracy in the country in 1990. The Italian Government and people extended support to the victims in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of Nepal on 25 April 2015 through Italian Cooperation Agency in cooperation with various UN agencies.

Nepal appreciates the interest of Italy to contribute to the reconstruction efforts, especially in the area of restoration of cultural, architectural heritages and historical monuments. This cooperation will remain as an enduring symbol of friendship between our two countries.


Trade/ Investment:
Given the potentials of bilateral trade, the current trade volume remains at a moderate level. Nepal exports coffee, tea, spices, leather products, wood products, paper and paper products, vegetable textile fibres, among others and imports meat, products of animal origin, vegetable extracts, flour, among others. The trade between Nepal and Italy can be presented as:

Value in US $

Year Export Import Balance
2015 10,195,173 15,451,956 -5,256,783
2016 10,894,231 12,978,290 -2,084,059
2017 12,094,781 14,318,915 -2,224,134
2018 11,186,237 40,234,161 -29,047,924
2019 4,131,431 10,287,451 -6,156,020

Source: TEPC


According to the data published by the Department of Industry, 39 projects have been launched with Italian investment of total Rs. 637.36 million until 15 July 2020, creating 1,061 jobs.


Growing number of tourists are visiting Nepal from Italy each year. Tourist arrivals to Nepal from Italy show a bright prospect of growth in future, as shown below:

Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Number of Tourists 5,609 9,911 11,840 15,318 15,676


Europe and the Americas Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
August 2020