Nepal – Honduras Relations

Nepal and the Republic of Honduras established diplomatic relations on 18 August 2006.  Bilateral relations between the two countries have always been cordial since the establishment of diplomatic relations. Nepali Ambassador to the United States of America is concurrently accredited to Honduras. Similarly, Ambassador of Honduras to India is concurrently accredited to Nepal.

Nepal and the Republic of Honduras are members of the NAM and G-77 and have worked together and hold common positions on many international issues in UN and other international forums.

Bilateral trade is minimal at the moment. Nepal basically imports plastic and plastic materials from Honduras, with export figure being nil for the last few years. The following trade figures reflect the trade transactions for the last few years.

Value in US $

Year Export Import Balance
2015 0 2481 -2481
2016 0 4632 -4632
2017 0 4942 -4942
2018 0 17619 -17619
2019 0 4967 -4967

  Source: TEPC, Nepal


 August 2020