Nepal – Greece Relations

Diplomatic Relations:
Nepal and Greece established diplomatic relations on 2 February 1960. The relations between the two countries remain friendly and cordial. However, there have been limited contacts and interactions between the two countries so far. Nepali Ambassador in Paris is concurrently accredited to Greece. Both countries have their Honorary Consulate in each other’s capital.


Exchange of Visits:

  • Late King Birendra paid a private visit to the Rhodes Island of Greece in 1989.
  • Former Prime Minister and leader of opposition in the parliament of Greece Mr. Constantin Mitsotakis visited Nepal in 1993.
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece Mr. George A. Papandreou paid an official visit to Nepal in 2000.

Bilateral Cooperation:
Greece offered search and rescue teams to Nepal in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of 25 April 2015. The Government of Greece offered scholarships to Nepal for postgraduate studies, mainly in the field of urban and regional planning, environmental science, etc. At present, Greek support to Nepal is channeled through the EU.


Trade and Investment:
Economic cooperation between the two countries is yet to begin. There exists possibility of cooperation between the two countries in such areas as trade, tourism, climate change, education and development of hydropower projects. Some commercial interactions between private entrepreneurs of the two sides have occurred in the past. Regular exchange of business delegations might substantially contribute to generating business opportunities including promotion of trade, tourism, investment and joint ventures.

According to the data of Department of Industry, the number of industries from Greek investment is only 1 with total investment of Rs. 5 million until July 2020, creating 15 employment.

The volume of trade between Nepal and Greece is negligible. The trade volume in the past few years is as follows:

Value: US $

Year Export Import Balance
2015 262,129 227,870 34,259
2016 256,327 483,479 -227,152
2017 243,826 393,386 -149,560
2018 178,711 318,555 -139,844
2019 91,924 192,094 -100,170

Source: TEPC, Nepal


The number of visitors from Greece to Nepal is small at the moment. There is, however, possibility of increasing this number through promotional activities and convenient air services connecting Nepal to Europe.


Europe and the Americas Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
August 2020