Nepal Greece Relations

Diplomatic Relations

Nepal and Greece entered into diplomatic relations on February 2, 1960. The relations between the two countries continue to remain friendly and cordial. However, there have been limited contacts and interactions between the two countries. Nepalese Ambassador in Vienna is concurrently accredited to Greece. Greek Ambassador based in New Delhi looks after Nepal as well.

Exchange of Visits
  • Late King Birendra and Queen Aishswarya paid a private visit to the Rhodes Island of Greece in 1989.
  • Former Prime Minister and leader of opposition in the parliament of Greece Mr. Constantin Mitsotakis visited Nepal in December 1993 and called on the then Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala.
  • At the invitation of the then Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Chakra Prasad Bastola, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece Mr. George A. Papandreou paid an official visit to Nepal from December 17-19, 2000. This was the first ever official visit by a Greek Foreign Minister to Nepal.
Post-earthquake Cooperation

Greece offered search and rescue teams to Nepal in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes that struck Nepal in 2015.

Economic Relations

Bilateral economic cooperation between the two countries is yet to gain momentum. However, there exists possibility of cooperation between the two countries in such areas as trade, tourism, climate change, education and development of hydropower projects. As Greece has expertise in these fields, particularly on hydropower projects, some concrete form of cooperation in an institutionalized manner would be of help to Nepal.

Some commercial interactions between private entrepreneurs of the two sides have occurred in the past. Regular exchange of business delegations might substantially contribute to generating business opportunities including promotion of trade, tourism, investment and joint ventures.

Value in NRS

S. No Year Export Import Deficit/Surplus
1 2012 23, 867, 898 9, 500, 339 14, 367, 559
2 2013 50, 635, 175 13, 573, 902 37, 061, 273
3 2014 41, 507, 510 17, 726, 933 23, 780, 577
4 2015 26, 878, 785 23, 654, 228 3, 224, 557
5 2016 27, 475, 660 51, 929, 365 -24, 453, 705

(Source: Trade and Export Promotion Center)


The Government of Greece offered scholarships to Nepal for postgraduate and post-doctoral studies beginning from the academic year 2012-1013. In the past the Government of Greece had offered a number of scholarships to Nepal for postgraduate studies, mainly in the field of urban and regional planning, environmental science, etc.

(Currently, Greece provides scholarships under the State Scholarship Foundation of Greece (IKY) for Asian, African and Latin American Students globally.)


The number of visitors from Greece to Nepal remains modest at the moment. There is, however, strong possibility of increasing this number including through promotional activities.