Nepal – Cuba Relations

Bilateral Relations

Bilateral relations between Nepal and the Republic of Cuba have always been friendly and cordial ever since the establishment of diplomatic relations on 25 March 1975. The Embassy of Nepal in Ottawa is concurrently accredited to Cuba. Similarly, the Cuban Ambassador to India is accredited to Nepal.

Contacts between the two countries primarily take place in the international forums such as the United Nations. Both countries believe in the role of multilateralism in maintaining peace and stability in the world. As active members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and G-77, both the countries have been advocating the just causes of developing countries.


Exchange of Visits

The friendly relations between the two countries have been further strengthened by exchange of visits and contacts at various levels in the past. Late King Birendra paid an official visit to Havana in September 1979 to represent Nepal in the 6th NAM summit.

The then Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Chakra Prasad Bastola visited Cuba to the First South Summit held in April 2000.

The then Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. K. P. Sharma Oli led the Nepali delegation to 14th NAM Summit in Havana in September 2006.

Mr. Roberto Robaina Gonzalez, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Cuba paid an official visit to Nepal in 1995.

Deputy Minister of External Affairs Mr. Manuel Aguilera visited Nepal from 20 to 23 March 2004.



The Cuban Government had offered some scholarships to the Nepalese students in the streams of culture and sports, engineering, psychology and agriculture for Bachelor degrees.

A medical team from the Government of Cuba extended medical treatment to the earthquake affected people of Nepal.



Due to geographical distance and other difficulties, trade, tourism and investment between Nepal and Cuba has remained a very nominal level. Even though there exist possibilities of further expanding cooperation in the fields of tourism and investment, there exist negligible transactions at present.


September 2020