Nepal – Costa Rica Relations

Political Relations
Nepal and Costa Rica established diplomatic relations on 16 August 1977. The relations between the two countries are based on mutual trust, friendship and goodwill and have remained cordial and friendly since then. Nepali Ambassador to the United States of America in Washington D.C. is concurrently accredited to Costa Rica. Similarly, Ambassador of Costa Rica to India in New Delhi is concurrently accredited to Nepal.

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Mr. K P Sharma Oli had an official visit to Costa Rica from September to 2 October 2018 at the invitation of the Costa Rican President. During the visit the two leaders discussed ways to enhance relationship both at bilateral and multilateral levels. The Prime Minister also attended the official function at the University of Peace, where he was conferred an honorary doctorate.


Economic Relations
The size of interactions on trade, investment and tourism is very moderate. Costa Rica has developed expertise in agriculture and hydropower sector. Nepal and Costa Rica can cooperate in agriculture and hydropower sector under the technical cooperation programme. Nepal mainly exports, carpets and readymade garments whereas it imports, pharmaceutical products, machineries, among others. The following is the figures of bilateral trade:

(Value in US dollars)

Year Export Import Balance
2015 6516 128436 -121920
2016 3377 181816 -178439
2017 9149 376560 -358411
2018 138 305471 -305,333
2019 0 131672 -131672

(Source: TEPC)


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