Nepal- Chile Relations

Diplomatic relations between Nepal and Chile were established in 1962. Nepal and Chile have been enjoying good, friendly and cordial relations ever since the establishment of diplomatic relations. Nepal and Chile as contributors to the UN Peace keeping operations are working together for the maintenance of peace and security around the world. Embassy of Nepal, Brasilia (Brazil) is concurrently accredited to Chile. Likewise, Chilean Embassy in New Delhi is accredited to Nepal. Chile also has an Honorary Consulate in Kathmandu.

Trade, Tourism and Investment:
Nepal exports carpets and garments, articles of leather, handmade papers, handicrafts, musical instruments etc. to Chile. Similarly, Nepal imports beverages, spirits and vinegar, edible fruits and nuts, oil seed and oleaginous fruits, wool, animal hair, copper and articles thereof, fish etc. from Chile.  The following are the trade figures for the last few years.


Year Export Import Balance
2015 130161 591433 -461272
2016 300014 655972 -355958
2017 71036 436265 -365229
2018 77951 1098408 -14020457
2019 34122 165430 -131008

(Source: TEPC)

As of July 2019, one project under Chile investment is in operation with an investment of Rs. 30 million which has created 29 jobs in Nepal.

Despite the geographical distance between the two countries, Chile is one of the approved destinations of Nepal for foreign employment. There are few students and Nepali workers primarily in agriculture sector working in Chile. There are prospects to explore possible areas of cooperation at bilateral and multilateral levels, including climate change and natural disaster.


August 2020