Nepal – Bulgaria Relations

Bilateral Relations

Bulgaria, previously a socialist republic, is presently following parliamentary democracy after the fall of the Warsaw Pact. Nepal and Bulgaria share common views on the basis of shared democratic values and common adherence to peace. Nepal and Bulgaria have maintained close contact and cooperation in many international forums. Nepal and Bulgaria hold similar views on strengthening the international security by contributing through participation in UN Peace Keeping operations.

Nepal and Bulgaria established their diplomatic relations on 15 April 1968. The bilateral relations subsisting so happily between the two countries are based on friendship, mutual understanding and goodwill. The Nepalese Ambassador to the Russian Federation resident at Moscow is accredited to the Republic of Bulgaria and Bulgarian Ambassador to the Republic of India resident in New Delhi is accredited to Nepal.

Nepal’s landscape, specially the Himalayan range, is very much popular among the people in Bulgaria. In this light there are opportunities to promote Nepal’s tourism industry in Bulgaria. As EU member Bulgaria supports Nepal in its development efforts.  Bulgaria became member of the European Union on January 1, 2007.


Exchange of Visits
There is no record of incoming visits from Bulgaria, except for former Foreign Minister Mr. Solomon Passy who met with the Hon. Narayan Kaji Shrestha ‘Prakash, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs on 23 August 2012.

Late king Mahendra had once paid an official visit to Bulgaria around 1970. The then Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. K. P  Sharma Oli met Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria Mr. Ivailo Kalfin on the sidelines of 61st UNGA  in New York on 21 September 2006.



Major export items to Bulgaria:

  • Carpets and other textile floor coverings
  • Musical instruments: parts and accessories of such articles.

Major import items from Bulgaria:

  • Residues and waste from the food industries: prepared animal fodder
  • Aluminum and articles thereof
  • Electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof: sound recorders and reproducers~ television image and sound recorders and reproducers~ and parts and accessories of such articles
  • Glass and glassware
  • Plastics and articles thereof
  • Dairy produce: birds eggs: natural honey: edible products of animal origin~ not elsewhere specified or included
  • Nuclear reactors~ boilers~ machinery and mechanical appliances: parts thereof

The volume of trade between Nepal and Bulgaria is negligible, as given below:


Year Export Import Total Trade Balance
2009 384121 827622 1211743 -443501
2010 25777 595499 621276 -569722
2011 43195 538021 581216 -494826
2012 20955 383989 404944 -363034
2013 12515 867620 880135 -855105
2014 66452 447180 513632 -380728
2015 11658 1220022 1231680 -1208364
2016 57166 3246895 3304061 -3189729
2017 23229 759642 782871 -736413
2018 26088 1145162 1171250 -1119074
2019 6158 842862 849020 -836704

(Source: TEPC, Amount in US $)


Europe America Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
August 2020