Nepal Bolivia Relations

Diplomatic Relations
Nepal and Bolivia established their diplomatic relations on 21 May 1987. The bilateral relations between Nepal and Bolivia are based on mutual friendship, trust and goodwill. The Nepali Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations is concurrently accredited to the Republic of Bolivia. Similarly, the Ambassador of Bolivia to the Russian Federation resident in Moscow is accredited to Nepal.

As a least developed, land-locked and mountainous countries, Bolivia and Nepal share similar views on many global concerns. They have worked together on these common agendas at multilateral forums. There have been contacts between the two countries in the UN and other international organisations.


Trade, Tourism and Investment:
The volume of trade between Nepal and Bolivia is negligible at the moment. Some of the commodities imported by Nepal from Bolivia are vegetable seeds, oil cakes, tin (not alloyed), crushing or grinding machine, electro-medical instruments and appliances. Nepal exports other made up textile articles, sets, worn clothing and worn textiles. Investment data is not available at present.

Due to geographical distance, the exchange of visitors is almost non-existent.

Trade volume between Nepal and Bolivia for the last two years remained nil, as shown in the table below:


Year Export Import Balance
2015 45 21 -24
2016 0 2,003,827 -2,003,827
2017 5,457 61 5,396
2018 0 0 0
2019 0 0 0

(Source: TEPC)


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