Nepal – Belarus Relations

Diplomatic relations
Nepal established diplomatic relations with the Republic of Belarus on 19 July 1993 and the relations between Nepal and the Republic of Belarus are based on goodwill, friendship and mutual understanding since the establishment of the formal diplomatic relations. The Embassy of Nepal in Moscow is concurrently accredited to Belarus. Similarly, the residential Ambassador of Belarus to India has concurrent accreditation to Nepal. Both Nepal and Belarus maintain Honorary Consulates in each other’s capital cities.

There have been contacts and cooperation between the two countries in the United Nations, international organizations, international conferences and meetings. Nepal and Belarus have worked together for common agendas such as issues relating to land-locked countries and climate change.

Trade and Economic relations
The size of interactions on trade, investment and tourism between Nepal and Belarus is nominal at the moment. Some of the commodities imported by Nepal from Belarus are dairy products, fertilizers, rubber and articles thereof, wool, clothing accessories, optical, medical, surgical instruments etc. Nepal exports carpets and other textiles floor coverings, cotton sacks etc. Trade volume between Nepal and Belarus for the last few years is shown in the table below:

(Value in US dollars)

Year Export Import Balance
2015 1303 3249871 -3248568
2016 0 37569 -37569
2017 0 584573 -584573
2018 0 608879 -608879
2019 0 94107 -94107


As of July 2019, one project under the investment of the Republic of Belarus is in operation with an investment of Rs. 5.0 million which has created 15 jobs in Nepal.


September 2020