Nepal – Argentina Relations


Nepal and Argentina established diplomatic relations on 1 January 1962. Relations between Nepal and Argentina are based on goodwill, friendship and mutual understanding. The Ambassador of Argentina resident in Delhi is concurrently accredited to Nepal. Permanent representative of Nepal to the UN in New York is concurrently accredited to Argentina.


Exchange of Visits

Foreign Minister of Nepal Mr. Pradeep Kumar Gyawali visited Buenos Aires, Argentina to attend the UN Conference on South-South Cooperation in March 2019.  He also held bilateral meeting with Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of Argentina during his visit.

A delegation led by former Prime Minister Mr. Kirti Nidhi Bista participated in the inaugural ceremony of the then President Carlos Saul Menem in 1989. There has not been high level official visit from Argentina to Nepal.

There have been contacts and cooperation between the two countries in the United Nations, international organizations, international conference and meetings. As Argentina is also a member of G77 and a significant troop contributor to UN peace keeping missions, Nepal and Argentina share common views on many international issues.


The Argentinean Government had shown interest to extend technical cooperation on leather processing industries in Nepal under the South-South Cooperation.


Argentina was 12th largest exporter to Nepal in the fiscal year 2018/2019. Nepal’s trade balance with Argentina is in favor of Argentina. Nepal imported goods worth $44 million in 2019. Major commodities imported by Nepal from Argentina are edible vegetable and certain roots, cereals, fats, chemicals, stones, machine and mechanical appliances, optical, etc. Nepal exports organic chemicals, jackets of synthetic fibers, jute bag& sacks, malt extract, garments, musical instruments, art pieces and antiques.

In Rs. ‘000

Year Export Import Balance
2014 5,585,242 9,667,648,126 -9,662,062,884
2015 0 7,741,420,753 -7,741,420,753
2016 1,11,49,099 90,59,225 -9,048,076,109
2017 3,109,258 13,932,909,736 -13929800478
2018 356248 8,257,154,944 -8,256,798,696
2019 0 4,936,558,074 -4,936,558,074



Few hundred Argentinean tourists visit Nepal each year, and their main interest is on hiking and mountaineering.


Europe and the Americas Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
August 2020