Minister for Foreign Affairs

Pradeep Kumar Gyawali

Date of Birth:-  13 September, 1962
Birth Place:-    Baletaxar-2 Chautara, Gulmi
Father: –           (Late ) Narayan Dutta  Gyawali  
Mother-  (Late) Punya Kala Gyawali
Spouse:-          Saraswati Gyawali (Aryal)
Children:-        Kshitij, Prashant and Swagat
Language:-      Nepali, English and Hindi

Political Background and Party Responsibility

  • Affiliation with left movement- 1970s / Organized  in Student Organization -1973
  • Associated  with Communist Co-ordination Committee- 1977/ Party Member-1978
  •  District Committee Member-1979-89/  Party District Secretary-1989-93
  • Underground Party work  -1979-90,  Several arrests and custody during democratic movements
  • Party Zonal Secretary-1994-95
  • Party Central Committee Member since-1997
  • Member of (then) Central Movement Mobilizing Committee, Central Election Mobilizing Committee, Election Manifesto Drafting  Committee
  • At present–  Secretary of the Central Committee and Central Secretariat, Communist Party of Nepal (UML)

Parliamentary Responsibility –

  • Member of House of Representatives (Parliament) (1999-2008, elected from Gulmi -2)
  • Member of Constituent Assembly (2008-12, elected from Gulmi 2)
  • Member of State Affairs Committee and Member of Parliamentary Proceedings Advisory Committee, Legislative -Parliament
  • Member of the House of Representatives ( Gulmi-1) 2017-

Government Responsibility –

  • Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (May 2006 – April 2007)
  • Member of Government Negotiating Team with Maoists
  • Significant role in Nepali peace process

Affiliation with many social organizations

Advisor –Ex MPs forum, Nepal/ Progressive writer’s Association, Nepal/ National peoples’ cultural federation, Nepal


  • Sahayatri ( Novel),
  • Chita Jalirahechha (Poetry)
  • Aastha o Mery Priya (Poetry)
  • Kuhiro (Stories)
  • Marxvadko Srijanatmak Prayog ( Essays on Philosophy and Polity)
  • Prachandpath (Critic)
  • Phoenix Panchi and…….. ( Essays)
  • Yuba: ….…….. ( Discourse on youths)
  • Rastriyata, Pahichan ra Samajik Rupantaran (Political Discourse)
  • Samskritik Rupantaran: Ek Vimarsha (Cultural Discourse)
  • Bina Salik Ka Nayakharu (Poetry)


  • Nawayug (Monthly Magazine)
  • Ekkaisaun Satabdi (Weekly Magazine)
  • Naya Kadam( Literary periodical)
  • Columnist in many leading national daily, weekly and magazines
  • More than 1,000 articles, work papers and research papers published

Journey and trips –

  • All districts in Nepal
  • USA, Peoples Republic of China, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, Sudan, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Japan, Vietnam, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Colombia, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Bangladesh


  • Office- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singha Durbar, Kathmandu
  • Phone No. +977-1-4200196, +977-1-4200197
  • Email –
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