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The number of Diaspora Nepali experts--from engineers and scientists to medical and technological researchers, to economists and humanities scholars who have the potentials to help transform higher education and the professions in Nepal--is rapidly increasing around the world. Nepali intellectuals span across all kinds of universities and industries, research institutions and professions. From one perspective, their increasing numbers reflect the alarming trend of brain drain, which especially impacts a small and developing country like ours. But from another important perspective, the State Policy in the Constitution of Nepal has recognized the need “to utilize knowledge, skill, technology and capital of the nonresident Nepalese in the national development.” In fact, the mission of tapping into the expertise and commitment of Diaspora Nepali experts has to do with the broader national goals in the constitution: “to fulfil the aspirations for sustainable peace, good governance, development and prosperity.” Accordingly, and with the cooperation of the communities of Diaspora experts, a project named the Brain Gain Center and housed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kathmandu is starting to gather information toward documenting the numbers, expertise, current engagements, and interest among Diaspora experts.


The Center uses this user-oriented platform  to achieve the following objectives:

  • RECOGNIZE: Maintain up-to-date information about diaspora Nepali experts and their expertise, thereby creating access to the vast amount of intellectual resource that they are willing to contribute to the nation.
  • PROMOTE: Make visible the work done by individual diaspora experts and groups, promoting their contribution among government and non-government agencies. Also foster greater respect for diaspora experts among the public at home.
  • CONNECT: Encourage ministries, government agencies, and academic and social institutions to use the database for reaching out to diaspora experts and expand/enhance connections and opportunities.
  • MOBILIZE: Create initiatives to mobilize the expertise of diaspora experts, helping them network and learn about one another’s contribution to Nepal, find/create opportunities for collaborating with experts at home, and create new initiatives for the greatest impact possible.
  • REWARD: Officially recognize the most impactful work done by diaspora experts, providing moral and social support and allocating resources for them.

Thank you very much for your contribution and support to this project. If you have any question, please email us at

How your information will help the project

This project asks you to share information that may be publicly available but time-consuming to find; please do not include information you don’t feel comfortable sharing.

You can access your account and modify or remove your information at any time. We believe that you will comfortably share the information you consider helpful for the initiative.

If you want to learn more about this expert database or about your participation in this mission, please contact the Policy, Planning, Development Diplomacy and Diaspora Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Nepal at

Thank you very much for your valuable time and cooperation.

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