Canadian High Commission
National Day: 01 July, Canada Day
Chancery:           7/8 Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, PO Box-5207, New Delhi–110 021
Tel:                      +91-11-4178 2000,
Fax:                     +91-11-4178 2020
Working Hours:  Monday to Friday: 0830 hrs – 1645 hrs


His Excellency Mr. Nadir Patel                                                                
High Commissioner Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
4, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi
Ms. Jennifer Graham


Mr. Jess Dutton
Deputy High Commissioner
Ms. Sigrid Schlueter


Mr. Brian Parrott
Minister (Commercial)
Ms. Ivy Lerner-Frank


Ms. Shannon Fraser
Minister (Immigration)
Mr. Blair Fraser


Mr. Roger Chen
(Management & Consular Affairs)


Col. Mark Dussault
Attaché & Canadian Defence Advisor
Ms. Marie-France Clouter


Mr. Gillian Frost
Counsellor (Political & Economic Affairs)


Mr. Matt Friesen
Counsellor (Advocacy)
Ms. Linda Friesen


Mr. Jens Michael Schaal
Ms. Danielle Parizeau
Mr. Rina Bradley
Counsellor (Public Safety Canada)


Mr. Nitin Verma
Counsellor (Agriculture)
Ms. Gauri Verma


Mr. Partibhan Muthukumaraswamy
Counsellor (Agrifood)
Ms. Nivedita Parthibhan


Mr. Oscar Jacobs


Mr. Robert McCubbling
Counsellor (Commercial)
Mr. Sandy Vijaya Thema


Mr. Gary Anderson
Counsellor (Security)
Ms. Carmen Anderson


Mr. David Yen
Firtst Secretary (RCMP)
Secretary (Immigration)
Mr. James Austin Bulmer


Mr.  Patric DeFoy
First Secretary (Immigration)
Ms. Nadine Forvarin


Ms. Idania Riley
Second Secretary (Advocacy)
Mr. Michael Idania


Ms. Pearl Wierenga
Second Secretary  


Mr. Mathew McCracken
Second Secretary (Genevieve Bmmigration)
Ms. Marina Achi-Faraq


Mr. William Hetherington
First Secretary Immigration


Ms. Nathalié Hamel
First Secretary (Immigration)
Mr. André L’ Herault
Ms. Julia Williams
First Secretary (Immigration)
Mr. James Williams


Mr. James Stong
First Secretary (Political)  
Ms. Nadia Stuewer


Mr. Marko Popic
First Secretary(Management)


Ms. Bernadette Gratton
First Secretary(Immigration)


Mr. Lindsay Margenau
First Secretary(Commercial)
Ms. Kyle Margenau


Mr. Collin Edward Holditch
First Secretary (Management) 


Ms. Melanie Noel
First Secretary (Immigration)
Mr. Luc Marin


Mr. Daniel Hamrmen
First Secretary (Immigration)


Ms. Cindy Taylor
First Secretary (Consular)
Mr. Kale Taylor


Ms. Adrienne Christie
First Secretary (Immigration)


Ms. Valerie Feldman
First Secretary (Immigration)


Dr. Julie Lafleche
First Secretary (Designate)


Dr. Sylvian Bertrand
Attaché (Medical)


Mr. Tom Giornofelice
Second Secretary (Immigration-Vacant)
Ms.  Nicole Lunstead


Mr. Christopher Perez-Parker
Second Secretary (Immigration)
Ms. Christlé Schneider


Ms. Carole Sauv
First Secretary(Immigration)
Mr. Serge Renoud


Dr. Pascale Boudreau
Second Secretary (Immigration)
Mr. Jim Norman


Mr. Sanjeev Verma
Second Secretary(Immigration)
Ms. Savita


Ms. Annie Pageau
Second Secretary(Immigration)
Mr. Karl Hey


Ms. Sarah Yan
Second Secretary(Immigration)


Ms. Sophie Bisaillon
Second Secretary(Immigration)


Mr. Sreemoyi Sanyal
Second Secretary(E&PA)
Ms. Kimberly Ann Monaghan


Ms. Sarah Hall
Second Secretary (Immigration)


Ms. Idania Riley
Second Secretary(Immigration)


Mr. Pearl Wierenga
Second Secretary (Advocacy)


Mr. Mathew MoCracken
Second Secretary (Commercial)
Ms. Genevieve Bélanger


Mr. Adam Smith
Ms. Natascha


Sgt. Laura Roy
Mr. Michael Roy


Mr. Pavol Pracher


MCpl. Darryl Owen


Mr. Philippe O’Keefe


Mr. Louis Gaulin


Ms. Samine Hilaire
Mr. Ian Jonathan Matthews


Ms. Kimberley Prachar
Mr. Pavol Prachar