Canadian High Commission

National Day: 04 July, Canada Day


Chancery:            7/8 Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, P.O. Box 5207, New Delhi – 110 021

Tel:                      4178 2000,

Fax:                     0091-11-4178 2020




Working Hours: Monday to Friday:       0830 hrs – 1645 hrs


His Excellency Mr. Stewart Beck                                   31.07.2011                 

High Commissioner Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

4, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi

Ms. Brenda Beck


Mr. James Nickel, Deputy High Commissioner

Ms. France Viens


Mr. Sidney Frank, Minister (Immigration)

Ms. Ivy Lerner-Frank


Ms. Sara Wilshaw, Minister (Commercial)

Mr. Keith Boustead


Mr. Sean Robertson, Minister-Counsellor (Management & Consular Affairs)

Ms. Rhonda McLellan


Col. Stephen LaPlante, Attaché & Canadian Defence Advisor

Ms. Jackie LaPlante


Mr. Donald Halina, Counsellor (RCMP)

Ms Elizabeth Halina


Mr. Simon Cridland, Counsellor (Advocacy)


Ms. Johanne Forest, Counsellor(Economic & Political Affairs)


Mr. Ian Beckett,  Counsellor (Public Safety Canada)

Ms. Julie Bourdeau


Mr. Mebs Velji, Counsellor (Security)

Ms. Zoreen Velji


Mr. Elizabeth Snow, Counsellor (Immigration)

Mr. Ronald Neil Snow


Mr. Aaron Rosland, Counsellor(Ontario)


Ms. Kathleen Donohue, Counsellor (Agrifood)

Mr. Bill Varvaris


Ms. Rosaline Kwan, Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr. David Hamilton


Ms.Davinder Kaur Manhas, First Secretary (Immigration)

Mr. James Austin Bulmer


Mr. Eric Verner, First Secretary (Immigration)

Ms. Bernadette-Anne Marcellana de Castro


Mr. Kelly Brophy, First Secretary (RCMP)

Ms. Hazel Maureen Brophy


Mr. Gordon LePage, First Secretary (Immigration)

Ms. Catharina LePage


Ms. France Viens, First Secretary (Management & Consular Affairs)

Mr. Jim Nickel


Ms. Theressa de-Haan, First Secretary (Economic & Political Affairs)

Mr. Benoy Kumar Sharma


Ms. Catharine Marx, First Secretary (Immigration)

Mr. Richard Heller


Mr. Patrick Riley, First Secretary (Immigration)


Ms. Kimberly Quesnel, First Secretary (Immigration)


Ms. Chantal Amirault, First Secretary(Immigration)

Mr. Chistopher David Pike


Ms. Ivy Lerner-Frank, First Secretary(Commercial)

Mr. Sidney Frank


Mr. Percy Redhead, First Secretary(Immigration)

Ms. Alissar Ribahi


Ms. Amy Colbourne, First Secretary(Immigration)


Mr. Prabhu Hariharan, First Secretary (Management)

Ms. Bhumika Hariharan


Ms. Sarah Hayward, First Secretary (Immigration)

Mr. Donald McEwen


Ms. Joannie Dass, First Secretary (Immigration)

Mr. Mohan Sugrim


Ms. Julie-Ann Lafontaine, First Secretary (Public Safety Canada)

Mr. Philippe Demers


Ms. Stella Sweetman-Griffin, First Secretary (Immigration)

Mr. Steven Richard Griffin


Mr. Peter Christensen, First Secretary(Immigration)

Ms. Heather Elizabeth George


Mr. Alexandre Germain, First Secretary(Immigration)

Ms. Melanie Laroche


Ms. Japneet Bhandal, First Secretary(Immigration)


Mr. David Hamilton, First Secretary(Political)


Ms. Genette Demers, First Secretary(Immigration)

Mr. Serge Renoud


Dr. Gerry Bally, Attaché (Medical)

Mr. Jim Norman


Ms. Christine Blackburn, Second Secretary(Immigration)

Mr. Michael Blackburn


Ms. Annie Pageau, Second Secretary(Immigration)

Mr. Karl Hey


Ms. Sophie Giroux, Second Secretary(Immigration)

Mr. Jean-Francois David


Ms. Catherine Joly, Second Secretary(Immigration)


Mr. Spencer Haines, Second Secretary(Immigration)

Ms. Kimberly Ann Monaghan


Ms. Georgina Comrie, Second Secretary (Immigration)


Ms. Rachel Brule, Second Secretary(Immigration)


Mr. Gideon Lundholm, Second Secretary (Economic & Political Affairs)

Ms. Hillary Ann Lawson


Mr. Imran Karim, Second Secretary (Commercial)


Mr. Vivek Vaid, Second Secretary(Immigration)


Ms. Melanie Laroche, Second Secretary (Immigration)

Mr. Alexandre Germain


Ms. Janelle Vincent, Second Secretary(Advocacy)


Ms. Rene Bulch, Attaché(Defence)

Mr. Shawn Bulch


Mr. Denis Cournoyer, Attaché

Ms. Joanne Doucet


Ms. Debbie Whippler, Attaché

Mr Todd Whippler


Mr. Jean-Philippe Houde, Attaché

Ms. Tamara Thibault


Ms. Eiron Card, Attaché

Mr. Paul Card


Ms. Biljana Bozickovic , Attaché


Ms. Rhonda McLellan, Attaché

Mr. Sean Roberton


MCPL. Clayson George, Attaché

Ms.Amanda George


CPL.  Patrick Robinson, Attaché

Ms. Jennifer Robinson