Office:                 Kupondole, Jwagal 5th Cross, Lalitpur

Tel:                      526 1858, 5261860

Fax:                     526 1859
Email:                  nepal@koica.go.kr


Working Hours: Monday to Friday: 0900 hrs – 1200 hrs, 1330 hrs – 1700 hrs


Mr. Kim Hyuang Kyu, Country Director, kim@koica.go.kr.

Ms. Lee MoonJung


Ms. Chang SeoHee,  Deputy Country Director/ shchang@koica.go.kr


Ms. Choi SeongSeok, Volunteer Program Manager / prayas@koica.go.kr


Ms Shin Seok Yeong, Volunteer Program Manager / shinsy@koica.go.kr


Ms. Han ByeongSook, Volunteer Program Manager/ rachelbingshu@koica.go.kr

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